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Come and meet us

Come and meet us

Ontag is a digital marketing brand based in Viseu, but always with an eye on the world. Here you’ll find professionals who are passionate about strategy, obsessed with digital metrics and addicted to good results.

Trust is the foundation of business

On average, an Ontag client works with us for 6 to 8 years. Here we are looking for long-term partnerships.

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Customer focus

The success of your business is not just about delivering a product or service so that you only sell once. It’s about promoting strategies with solid foundations for lasting success in digital. We’re sure we can help with that!

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Ontag takes on the mission of boosting business in the digital environment, dedicating itself to increasing its clients’ visibility through effective and personalized digital strategies. Each project is a new opportunity for Ontag to explore the uniqueness of each client, using technology to create solutions that not only solve needs, but also exceed expectations.



Given the excellent feedback from our clients, we know that we can be a leading reference in digital marketing, not only in Viseu but nationwide, helping companies to achieve a remarkable and lasting online presence. At Ontag we want to turn every digital challenge into an opportunity for growth and innovation, ensuring that our clients are always at the forefront of digital.



Innovation: We are always looking for new and better ways to overcome digital challenges. Here we value creativity and innovation in every aspect of your business.

Integrity: Transparency and honesty guide all projects and interactions. At Ontag we believe that long-term success is built on relationships of trust.

Excellence: The relentless pursuit of excellence has already opened doors to international markets such as Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxembourg. Expectations are made to be exceeded.

Ontag agência marketing digital
Ontag agência marketing digital
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A marketing agency that is by your side every minute.

Ontag Marketing Digital

Each client is unique. No two companies are the same. Putting the customer at the center of all operations is paramount for us at Ontag Portugal. We place great value on deeply understanding the needs and objectives of each of our partners, guaranteeing solutions that are effective and designed for the long term.

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