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Artificial Intelligence: a change to be feared or embraced?

May 11, 2024

Artificial Intelligence: a change to fear or embrace?

In all wars and revolutions, the troops have always had some secret weapon. Be it soldiers, weapons, etc. And this 4th Industrial Revolution is no exception, and the secret weapon this time? It’s Artificial Intelligence.

When we hear these two terms together, we immediately think of robots, science fiction movies and fear that it’s only a matter of time before our species becomes extinct.
However, today we want to demystify this. First of all, we want to explain to you what artificial intelligence is and how it can be the best friend of your business, or even your profession. Today we’re not just talking to companies, but also to you, the marketing, accounting, translation, teaching, programming and even investment professional. In fact, today we’re talking to you, who Artificial Intelligence affects. Today we want to give you some good news.

To begin with, we need to clarify what Artificial Intelligence actually is?\

Artificial Intelligence or AI is too vast for us to give it a straightforward definition, as we usually do. It’s just another technological advance in this digital age in which we live, this 4th Industrial Revolution. The term itself refers to an intelligence that simulates human intelligence, through software capable of programming decisions autonomously. These human-like decisions and thoughts are built by systems that take into account a huge database.
Without a specific face, AI can take many forms, such as customer service chatbots, as you can see on our website when you click on the whatsapp symbol on the homepage. These chatbots aim to automate, and therefore solve, issues on a large scale, thus freeing up humans for bigger problems.

We can think of this evolution as a way for machines to think like us. This technology has the ability to learn, choose the best course of action based on logic and make decisions.
This software has led to a change in the relationship between brands and their consumers.

Since Artificial Intelligence processes data in a similar way to the human brain, it makes it possible for brands to predict the behavior, reactions and even choices of their consumers. This allows the loyalty rate to increase, since the brand always has the answer to the potential consumer’s problem.

As we have come to realize, whatever marketing campaign you want to apply to your business, you need to plan and consider every step and with Artificial Intelligence this process is easier and the campaigns more assertive.
AI has been widely used by brands to innovate in communication with their consumers. In addition to guaranteeing 100% personalized customer support, it facilitates product recommendations and indicates the most appropriate content, taking into account the context.

But what are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing strategies?
– It makes it possible to plan consumer choices. In this way, the brand chooses the audience, defines what to present and corresponds exactly to what they are looking for/want;
– It allows marketing campaigns and actions to be created with a higher guarantee of success;
– It allows those same campaigns to be streamlined in terms of costs and waste, while at the same time boosting relationships and sales;

Now that you’ve realized that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to be your business’s best friend, we want to clarify how this software can help you as a professional. One thing we want you to be aware of is that there will probably be some jobs that disappear or change radically. However, in recent decades, the world of work has changed a lot thanks to technology, and since you have no way of accurately predicting that your job will be one of those that will cease to exist, there’s no point in wasting too much time worrying about it. Instead, occupy your time and your mind with reality. And what we know so far is that Artificial Intelligence can indeed help you.

But how?
1. Firstly, it can be the ideal partner in the search for and recruitment of jobs. With the ability to find the most appropriate information, it is able to identify the best candidate of all. What’s more, for you who are looking for work, it allows you to find the right position based on your preferences and skills.
2. It helps your productivity. We often encounter a problem and are easily able to waste hours, even days, trying to solve it. With the help of AI, we can cut down on that time, making us much more proactive in our workplace. Whether it’s because you don’t know what to write in the copy of your post, or because you don’t know the best approach to making an analysis, you can now count on the help of this software to prevent you from wasting so much time.
3. Increases proximity in long-distance meetings. Combining AI with augmented reality allows you to create greater proximity in your remote meetings. Since the pandemic, we in the business world have started to adopt remote meetings much more. Whether it’s to have a meeting, or to go to a conference or interview, we’re increasingly opting for online. By combining the two technologies, we can reduce this distance without even leaving the comfort of our own homes.
Hopefully, now that you’ve almost reached the end of our article, you’ve realized that Artificial Intelligence has greatly changed the world as we know it. However, there is no reason why you should fear this change.

And to all the professionals affected by Artificial Intelligence, we just want to leave you with one last reassurance:

Artificial Intelligence is not, nor has it ever been, a threat. There is nothing to replace the human hand. No machine can make it obsolete.

Do you know what the world’s greatest ideas have in common? They were all conceived by human beings. They were realized by us humans. So, as with all the other great ideas, Artificial Intelligence will require you to be able to adapt to a new way of working. But never to replace you.

And instead of fearing these developments, embrace them. Use them to become better and better in your field. Study and practice. Become thirsty for evolution and take advantage of the best these machines have to offer!

Written by Inês Oliveira, digital marketer.


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