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Inbound Marketing: your trick for 2024

May 11, 2024

Inbound Marketing: your trick for 2024

You’ve probably already drawn up your list of 2024 objectives for your company.

“Nurture leads. Attract new customers. Increase my brand awareness. Apply the best strategies to my business. Increase my sales.”

If you have any or all of these objectives on your list: Inbound Marketing is the strategy for you! This technique has been gaining notoriety over the years, becoming one of the most powerful and efficient strategies for achieving your goals. And in 2024, it will be no different!

For this reason, and because we want you to start the new year on the right foot in your business, we decided that our last article could only be about it.

To begin with, we need to answer the question that won’t go away:

After all … what is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing, or Attraction Marketing, is a set of marketing strategies whose main objective is to attract potential customers and involve them in your company through relevant and useful communication. All of this, organically.

This objective is based on the principle of providing value at every stage of your company’s sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. This strategy aims to create a relationship of trust with your customers (or potential customers). To do this, and to be able to communicate effectively to your target audience, it is essential to understand and respond to their needs and interests at every stage of the sales funnel.

Once you know your company’s target audience, find out what the main Inboud Marketing strategies are for communicating with them organically:

– Content Marketing: as you have already realized, content is at the core of Inbound Marketing. That’s why the first strategy we’re going to present to you could only be Content Marketing. As you probably already know from our blog article on this subject, Content Marketing is nothing more or less than creating and distributing relevant content that doesn’t promote or even mention your brand. The aim of this technique is to address the main pains, problems and/or issues of your target audience, thus creating a relationship of trust with your brand.

– SEO: To make your website easy to find, you need to optimize it for search engines. With this strategy, you will improve your website and its content so that it appears first when a potential customer searches using one of your company’s keywords. This way, your potential customers will find you, without you having to do “anything”.

– Social media posts: we all know that, these days, a brand only exists if it is present and active on social media. For this reason, planning content for them is essential. So is consistency. So don’t go without posting for half a year. Unless you strategically want to disappear from your customers’ radar …

– Email Marketing: for many years, email has been an extremely powerful tool for nurturing your leads and maintaining relationships with your customers. For this reason, make the most of this tool. Try to develop personalized campaigns that provide value and guide your leads through the maze that is your sales funnel.

– Marketing Automation: Finally, we couldn’t fail to mention Marketing Automation tools. As you’ll know from one of our latest Onblog articles, with these tools you can optimize and personalize your marketing content. What’s more, you’ll nurturing your leads, while monitoring their behavior and delivering content tailored to their interests and the stage they are at in the sales funnel.

By now, you can certainly see how important Inbound Marketing is for your business. However, as it’s a technique that’s been around for a few years now, you may be wondering:

Why is Inbound Marketing your business trick for 2024?

The reason is: this Inbound Marketing approach that we’ve talked about throughout the article is “old”, since for 2024 we suggest you apply: the new Inbound Marketing. This is an evolution of the current strategy, with a more dynamic approach focusing on cycles of education, qualification and trust.

Inbound Marketing ONTAG

So instead of focusing on sales funnels, it adapts to the customer’s needs, prioritizing content, looking for authentic interactions and long-term metrics, making it very different from traditional Inbound Marketing.

Main differences between the new Inbound Marketing and traditional Inbound Marketing:
The main difference between these two strategies is content creation. As we mentioned above, traditional Inbound Marketing focuses a lot on attracting leads through forms or CTAs. The new Inbound Marketing model, on the other hand, seeks to create relevant and specialized content for your potential customers. This new model also seeks to improve your customers’ experience, removing any barriers that may exist.

What’s more, its priority is not to attract leads, but to add value to your brand so that it gains authority and credibility in your market.

As you can conclude, the new Inbound Marketing model will allow you to build lasting relationships with your potential customers, thus helping you to meet the objectives of your 2024 list.

Written by Inês Oliveira, digital marketer.


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