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The big branding trends you can’t ignore in 2024

May 11, 2024

Marketing Automation – the machines working for you!

We live in crazy times! It’s crazy how many innovations anyone born after 1990 has seen! It’s crazy, but in the best sense.

In the last 20/25 years we’ve seen a growing commitment to technologies and software that make our lives easier. Whether it’s tablets, kitchen robots or vacuum cleaners that we program remotely, we live in a time when we are increasingly looking for things and systems that simplify our day-to-day tasks. Fortunately, however, technologies and software have also emerged to make our jobs easier.

If you search through the blog, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that there are lots of processes you can apply to your company’s marketing strategy. However, applying them all effectively can become a challenge for you. Marketing Automation was created to help you with this task.

But what exactly does Marketing Automation consist of?

Marketing Automation refers to the use of software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks and processes, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of your company’s Digital Marketing strategies, while maintaining a personalized relationship with your leads.

This process is carried out through platforms that track leads’ interactions with the brand, which through a system, activate actions based on the buying process they are in.

The tasks you can automate with Marketing Automation to maximize the results of your Digital Marketing strategies are:

– Email Marketing Campaign Management:
With Marketing Automation you can create and schedule email marketing campaigns. This software segments your contact list taking into account your lead’s interaction history and behavior. This allows you to send campaigns that are more effective and relevant to your market.

– Segmenting your audience:
As you know, knowing the persona that buys into your business is important. With this software, you can create personalized segments taking into account demographic data, browsing patterns (the pages they visit, clicks on links, …), interests and where they are in the sales funnel. By applying Marketing Automation here, you can improve your lead’s experience both before and during the purchase.

– Scheduling social media posts:
Schedule your posts for a specific day and time to reach your target audience at the right moment. This process takes all the pressure off you to do everything at the moment and avoids the risk of not reaching your target audience.

– Paid Ads Management:
This allows you to create ads on a wide variety of platforms (social networks, google ads, email) and track their performance in one place.

– Personalization of your content:
With this software you can personalize your messages, emails, offers for a specific persona. This will make the content you share personalized and suitable for the persona receiving it.

– Automatic replies:
Chatbots and automatic responses can be programmed for the most common questions you receive in your inbox. For example, at Ontag, when you click on that button on the left-hand side of the screen, you can see that we are willing to help you. For this reason, the person who is looking for some information quickly feels more motivated to send the message with the question. A small step like this can make all the difference in making a sale.

– Recovering abandoned shopping carts:
I’m sure you’ve simulated buying items in an online store and ended up abandoning the page just before you bought. Marketing Automation allows you to “save” your shopping cart for the next time you visit the site. This increases the chances of purchase.

– Lead Tracking and Analytics:
We’ve left one of the essential applications for the success of your business until last. Through Lead Tracking and Analytics, you can understand and improve the performance of your marketing strategies. By using Marketing Automation in Lead Tracking you can obtain behavioral data, score leads (for example, in interactions with your emails you can assign points to actions. In other words, opening an email gives x points, clicking on a link gives but x, and so on). This way, you can see who is more involved in your content and who is less. In Analytics you can also obtain data, reports, analyse how many leads you have at each stage of the sales funnel, identify trends and optimize campaigns.
All this information that Marketing Automation helps you obtain is absolutely essential for an effective digital marketing strategy.

Now that you know some of the functionalities of Marketing Automation in Digital Marketing, you understand how important it is. It allows you to save time, resources, improve efficiency and give your leads a more personalized, and overall better, experience with your brand.

Applying an effective marketing strategy tailored to your company has never been easier! Now there are no more excuses for not making a success of your business.

In a world full of competition in which your business lives, by using Marketing Automation you have a very powerful tool working for you. This tool allows you to do what we most often advise you to do: get to know your customers, and as a result, it allows you to provide value and create a lasting relationship with your consumer.

However, in order to apply this weapon to your business strategy, you need to know about all the different software you can use.

This is where Ontag can be the perfect ally. Talk to us and let’s boost your business sales together.

Written by Inês Oliveira, digital marketer.


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