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For the Centro de Desenvolvimento Familiar project, a psychology clinic, we created the logo, the website and managed the social networks for the first 3 months just to launch the CDF brand on the market. To increase awareness and strengthen the connection with the community. We developed a visual identity that conveyed calm and confidence, ensuring a cohesive presence on digital platforms.

Our digital marketing strategy focused on creating content about well-being and mental health, such as informative articles and videos, and sharing patient testimonials. We used live Q&A sessions and self-care challenges to increase interaction and attract new followers.

The results were remarkable, with a significant growth in online visibility and interaction on social media, consolidating the reputation of the Family Development Center as a benchmark in family psychological support.

Technical sheet


Centro Desenvolvimento Familiar


Viseu, Portugal. 2023.


Ricardo Afonso, web development.

Beatriz Ribeiro, digital marketing.

Andreia Rodrigues, designer.

site-mobile CDF


site-desktop CDF

Social media management.


The Branding

branding CDF

The strategy used

The branding strategy for the Family Development Center (CDF) focused on reflecting welcome, trust and professionalism. We created a logo with soft colors and harmonious shapes to convey calm and security. This logo was applied consistently across all communication platforms, including the website and social media, ensuring a cohesive visual identity.

We developed a comprehensive style guide to ensure uniformity in all interactions with the brand. We produced content that highlighted CDF’s mission and values, such as educational articles and explainer videos, reinforcing the emotional connection with the audience.

Our strategic approach ensured that every touchpoint strengthened CDF’s identity, positioning the clinic as a trusted and empathetic leader in the field of psychology, increasing its visibility and reputation in the community.


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