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For the Mazaltur project, a travel agency in Viseu, we created a website, developed branding and managed social media to strengthen our digital presence and attract new customers. The website was designed to be intuitive and attractive, with a modern, responsive design. We included features such as advanced destination search and detailed information. The website was asked to be as simple as possible.

For branding, we created a vibrant visual identity that reflected the passion for travel. We developed a memorable logo and a dynamic color palette, applied consistently across all marketing materials, including the website. This cohesive identity helped differentiate Mazaltur in the market.

When managing social media, we focused on inspiring and informative content, such as posts about exotic destinations, travel tips and exclusive promotions. We used visual storytelling and interactive campaigns to increase the reach and loyalty of followers. The number of customers has increased significantly in recent months.

Technical sheet


Mazaltur Agência de Viagens


Viseu, Portugal. 2020.


Ricardo Afonso, web development.

Beatriz Ribeiro, digital marketing.

Andreia Rodrigues, designer.

site-mobile Mazaltur


site-desktop Mazaltur

Social media management.

Redes sociais Mazaltur
Branding Mazaltur
Ontag Mazaltur

The Branding

branding Mazaltur

The strategy used

The rebranding strategy for the logo of Mazaltur, a travel agency in Viseu, was carefully developed to reflect the essence of the company, integrating visual elements that evoke adventure and discovery. We started with a detailed analysis of the market and customer expectations, followed by the design of a symbol that combines travel icons, such as globes and airplanes, with elements of exploration, such as compasses. The choice of a vibrant color palette, including shades of blue, conveys trust, security and the connection with the natural world.

The launch of the new logo was accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign, which included promotional events, an active presence on social media and direct communication with customers. This strategy not only strengthened the emotional connection with the public, highlighting the union between the passion for travel and the agency’s expertise, but also consolidated Mazaltur’s brand identity as a reference in travel and tourism, making it a preferred destination for travelers.


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