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Located in the heart of the picturesque island of Madeira, 3L’s Restaurant is a true celebration of local flavors, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience. This establishment stands out for its innovative cuisine that combines modern techniques with the freshest and most traditional ingredients from the region.

In our collaboration with 3L’s, we had the pleasure of developing a visual identity that reflects the quality and sophistication of the restaurant. Our team was responsible for creating the branding, designing an elegant logo and promotional materials that communicate the essence of 3L’s to its customers. We also developed the website, an intuitive and attractive platform that allows visitors to explore the menu, make reservations and learn more about the history and culinary culture of the island of Madeira.

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Restaurante 3L’s


Funchal, Madeira. 2024.


Ricardo Afonso, web development.

Beatriz Ribeiro, digital marketing.

Andreia Rodrigues, designer.




Social media management.

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The Branding


The strategy used

The logo design strategy for 3L’s Restaurant in Madeira was carefully developed to reflect the essence of the establishment, integrating the island’s cultural and natural elements. It began with a detailed analysis of the market and customer expectations, followed by the design of a symbol that combines natural elements, such as vine leaves and the contours of mountains, with high-quality kitchen utensils. The choice of a color palette with shades of green, blue and gold evokes the vegetation, the ocean and Madeira wine, key elements in the experience offered by the restaurant.

The launch of the new logo was accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign, which included events, an active presence on social media and direct communication with customers. This strategy not only strengthened the emotional connection with the public, emphasizing the union between Madeiran culture and the luxury gastronomic experience, but also consolidated the brand identity of 3L’s Restaurant as a destination of gastronomic excellence and leisure.


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