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We are a digital marketing agency that will help you achieve online success. Creativity, strategy and results are our focus.

Welcome to the new era of digital marketing.

Revolutionise the future of your business with marketing.

Artificial intelligence allied to marketing

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We create and develop unique websites, as well as managing social networks with dedication. We work on all your business marketing.
At Ontag we assess your needs and develop favourable options in line with your planned and desired objectives.

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More than 75 successful projects, more than 250 satisfied clients. Join us on this creative journey with many success stories and see how we bring companies and businesses to life.

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At Ontag we love ideas and entrepreneurs. Take part in a 30-minute conversation with our team of digital marketing experts, where you’ll have the chance to explore your ideas and shape your vision into a reality! Completely free of charge.

“Ontag” is the combination of two words that are very important to us. Online + Hashtag.
“On” comes from online, symbolising our constant connection, our commitment to being connected to everything that is happening in the world of digital marketing.




“Tag” comes from hashtag. At Ontag, we strive every day to create meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. We want to be the “tag” that connects your business to your marketing objectives.

Our ambition is to reach higher with you.


With Ontag, you can contact us whenever you need to.

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