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Conquer the digital

Conquer the digital

Ontag’s main function when working with us? To give you the time you don’t have. Is that right? That’s what we’re here for, to free you from the daily burden and worries of the digital world. Find out more about our services.

Our services

Social media management

We manage your social networks professionally and consistently. We have several monthly management plans.

Website development

We create websites focused on the user experience. Our focus is on creating unique and modern websites.

Digital Traffic Management

It consists of bringing traffic from potential customers to your website or social networks through ads.

Search Engine e Email Marketing

All the relevant content on the site is optimized with strategies to rank high in searches.

Branding and Visual Identity

We create your business identity. Logo, flyers, business cards, billboards, etc.

Digital Marketing Consulting

We have perfected our process to offer you complete knowledge of the business world.




Take a look at some of the markets for which we have already worked successfully.




Consistency and discipline are the keys to success

Always up to date

At Ontag, we provide thorough briefings, transparent communication and promote teamwork. We develop a customized system for each client, ensuring that our synergies flow smoothly and easily.


Nowadays we can’t be good at just one task. Our super strength is that we bring together specialists from various fields of work. This means we know how to coordinate processes according to deadlines and complete the project often before the date set with the client.

At the minute

From the first minute you work with us at Ontag, we are always by your side. We are reliable partners in the most stressful day-to-day situations. We have set up various communication channels so that you can contact us with just one click, whenever you need to.


If you were a digital marketing specialist, you wouldn’t need us. All our clients are informed about every step we take to move forward. Whether it’s building your website or managing your social networks. Our method has received very positive feedback.

What our customers say

Sandra Cunha

Beatriz and Ricardo are innovative entrepreneurs, ideas flow through their minds naturally and dynamically. If you’re looking for marketing ideas of any kind, contact Ontag.

Pedro Miguel

Creativity and quality in an exceptional job in terms of social media management, website development and all kinds of designs. Great quality, I totally recommend them!

José Costa

For those who need personalized support whenever requested, you can’t find better than Ontag. Thank you.

Luiz Júnior

Good service with very good ideas. A website that has helped my business and gone far beyond what I imagined. I can only recommend it.


Unlock 30 minutes free to bloom together

At Ontag we love ideas and entrepreneurs. Take part in a 30-minute conversation with our team of digital marketing experts, where you’ll have the chance to explore your ideas and shape your vision into a reality! Completely free of charge.

Trust is the foundation of business

On average, an Ontag client works with us for 6 to 8 years. Here we are looking for long-term partnerships.

Together we will
create innovate conquer


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